EX Remy

EX Remy is a legendary Japanese player in the GGPO 3S community who is widely known as one the best players on GGPO. He used to regularly play on GGPO, and used Remy exclusively (barring for a few matches). Although he was not an English speaker, his skills and popularity drew a very high number of spectators every time he played.

He usually played with other Japanese players and occasionally other players in the Asia region. EX Remy's skills were so much more superior to the average GGPO player that he won almost all of his matches. He has an estimated win rate of over 95%. One of the few times that he met his match on GGPO was when the alleged Kuroda came up against him (EX Remy got dominated in that particular duel).

EX-Remy has been known to confirm that he is not a famous Japanese 3S player. There was a commonly spread false rumor that he was Pierrot (the best Remy player in Japan). Aside from the obvious difference in skill level, this idea has since been debunked because at one time, EX Remy was playing on GGPO while Pierrot was playing matches in a tournament in Japan.

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