The History and Happenings of GGPO 3rd Strike

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Welcome to the world of Street Fighter 3 - GGPO edition

3S on GGPO began in 2007 and hundreds of players have enjoyed it since. This wiki is a collection of the history, info, current news, and funny events from the world of GGPO (& Fightcade) 3S. This wiki has now moved to

If you're new and want to start playing, click here to play 3s on ggpo play 3s on Fightcade.

Some known players you will find:

Bars and Hooks - semi professional body builder and former Q player
2Nasty - a really bad Alex player, taught louiscipher how to play 3s
Dyne - a Dudley/Ibuki/Twelve player with a funny play style
Tenren12 - a solid Ibuki player from the US
Cruise - a long time veteran on GGPO and a popular Urien player
yuuki - one of the most respected and skilful English-speaking players on GGPO
Alexisdabomb - aka louiscipher, commonly known as a skill-less and most disliked person on GGPO/Fightcade

GGPO Action Hightlight:

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